Eagles Dion Lewis’ Arrest Video Shows He Might Have Been the Victim at Hampton Inn

There are a couple of things that are bothersome to me about what you are about to see. Originally when Dion Lewis was arrested it was said that he and his brother pulled a fire alarm at the Hampton Inn when they forgot their hotel key and couldn’t get back in the building.

That is actually false, no fire alarm was ever pulled.  The truth looks like that it is just two guys who are generally just trying to get back in their hotel room. Here are the 911 call and arrest video take a look.

I don’t want to say that the hotel manager overreacted, because as we all know there are crazy people in this world, but are Lewis and his brother acting like criminals in the video? If I am going to break into a hotel am I just going to chill and give them time to call the police?

Furthermore there is no knife, but who comes to rob a hotel with a lock door with a knife?

As far as the police, they didn’t really give Lewis or his brother any time to say anything. There was no aggressive moves made by Lewis or his brother to really warrant a gun being put to their head and being pepper sprayed. I believe that was excessive behavior.

No wonder the DA dropped the charges, maybe we need some more video on the Super Cops.

4 thoughts on “Eagles Dion Lewis’ Arrest Video Shows He Might Have Been the Victim at Hampton Inn

  • Hey man! That looks like the 60s all over again! This makes me not want to stay at Hampton Inn anymore for real.

    • All they have to say is “black guy(s)” and it is ON….

      Just for grins, I hope they sue the pants off of the P.D. and the Hotel….. Even though they were dumb enough to leave their key…..

  • I hope they have great attorneys because clearly racism is alive and kicking. I hate watching videos like that because it really bothers me how black people are still being treated.

  • ..mannnn. the third cop cop dragged them guys out on the pavement like livestock. Obama should be ashamed of himself if he sees this and does nothing. Dion was on his celly and had his back to the cops and their locked and loaded….SMFH

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