Eagles Dion Lewis Arrested For Being Drunk And Pulling Fire Alarm at Hampton Inn

Must have been the weekend for running backs to get arrested for unusual things. You know all about the Adrian Peterson arrest, but Lewis’ is even more bizarre.

According to Bryan Fitzgerald of the Albany Times-Union, Eagles running back Dion Lewis and his older brother were arrested early Saturday after allegedly banging on the locked doors to a hotel lobby and eventually pulling a fire alarm.

Lewis is charged with a felony count of falsely reporting a fire. He also faces misdemeanor reckless endangerment charges.

Lewis was a guest at the Hampton Inn in Albany, where the doors to the lobby are locked at midnight and only a guest key can secure admission. Both men reportedly were intoxicated at the time.

Florio from PFT.com says we shouldn’t question why this is a felon charge, but considering some of the crimes that are misdemeanors in this country, it seems absurd that this would be considered a felony.

Dumb yes, something to get arrested for no.

As someone who has left their key in their room and had to beg to get back into a hotel late at night, I can understand their frustrations. Pulling the fire alarm very childish, but not arrest worthy.

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  • Probably not arrest worthy but people who committ this stupid act should have to pay a huge fine. Lewis should be able to afford it.

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