Former MLB Pitcher Kris Benson Divorces Anna Benson, Left Her for Her Best Friend

You remember Playboy Model Anna Benson who once famously said that if her husband then Mets pitcher Kris Benson cheated on her would sleep with the entire squad?

Wonder if Keith Hernandez is available?

Anna Benson, star of VH1’s “Baseball Wives” and mother to Kris Benson’s three children, was served with divorce papers in March after she said she discovered evidence he was having an affair.

Anna claims that when she was recovering from foot surgery early this year, her husband became involved in an affair with one of her best friends.
“I introduced her to Kris because she’s going through a divorce and I wanted to help her by getting someone trustworthy – who I thought would be Kris – to manage her money.”
“The two of them instantly started having an affair,” said Benson. “It started with sexy text messages and that kind of stuff. [My friend and I] were very close. Her mother was my nanny during ‘Baseball Wives’ – that’s how close we were.”
“She and Kris are both denying the affair, saying it was just ‘inappropriate talk,’” said Benson. “But I picked up his iPad and and I hit the Facebook button and looked at his inbox messages, and there were all of these sexy messages between them. And you just don’t talk with somebody like that that you’re not having sex with.”
Cold World….

3 thoughts on “Former MLB Pitcher Kris Benson Divorces Anna Benson, Left Her for Her Best Friend

  • Watch out for them phones and Mobile devices!!!

  • So he’s denying the affair but he served her with divorce papers??!! Apparently he wasn’t happy anyway.

  • Hey man, come closer…Yes over here!

    His sh*t was already over the minute she entertained sleeping with other men. And, she cheated on his ass numerous times but crying now to get sympathy and a spot on O’s couch.

    But Shhhhhhhh!!……

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