Giants Hakeem Nicks Was Ineligible During Last Season At UNC

Recovering from a fractured foot Hakeem Nicks, the Giants star wide receiver, is being further discredited by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC has acknowledged Thursday that Nicks was ineligible during his 2008 junior year for academic fraud. According to Jennifer Wiley, who went above her call of duty as the athletic department tutor, assisted players in their assignments, one of those being Nicks. Nicks, identified as “Student Athlete 1” in the official infractions report, the NCAA earlier this year states:

“The investigation confirmed that the former tutor had committed academic fraud with an on behalf of student-athletes 1, 2 and 3 during the 2008-09 academic year and the summer of 2009. Regarding student-athlete 1, a review of email communications revealed that on April 21, 2008, the former tutor wrote conclusion paragraphs for five of student-athlete 1’s writing assignments in an education course,” the NCAA infractions report says. “By the time the violations were discovered, student-athlete 1 was no longer enrolled at the institution, so no further action was taken.”

Nicks couldn’t have been reached for comment but his agent told the Raleigh News and Obeserver:
“four years after the fact his clients eligibility is “low on the totem pole of relevant issues”
But this is not the first time Hakeem Nicks name has been involved with scandal. In 2010 he was involved with a group of men who gave “impressionable assistance” to then current UNC players and costing head coach Butch Davis his job. Nicks allegedly gave $3,189.20 of improper benefits.
Even though this doesn’t hurt Nicks financially, as a player of a great school such as UNC, asterisks will now be placed on the records he set during his ineligible year, in which he set career and single season records. If the 2008 football season hadn’t already been voided, the eight wins that Nicks participated in would have to removed.
Any athlete who gets discredited by a school that assisted in him in becoming the good player that he is, should be hurt. I personally don’t know if any of this bothered him or the University but you would like to think that any discrepancies over games and /or records that you gave 100% to, would.