Greg Oden Wants To Make Comeback Interested in Miami Heat

This isn’t the first time Oden has shown interest in a comeback and signing with the Heat.

It was rumored he was going to Germany to get the not so secret Kobe Bryant knee surgery, but unless he is also getting the cream and the clear as a side order I wouldn’t hold my breath on him coming back.

That’s the word from Oden’s agent, Mike Conley, who got a call earlier this week from Oden. He said his client has changed his tune from wanting to take this season off.

“(Oden) called me, and he was kind of excited,’’ Conley said Thursday in a phone interview with FOX Sports Florida. “I think he’s motivated …. He wants to play. He had said he wanted to take this season off, but he’s backed off from that …. He’s open to playing this season. I think he will play this season.’’

Conley said he has not heard from the Miami Heat at all since Oden was waived. But he said Oden has interest in the Heat if they ever were to be interested.

“Obviously, if the Heat wanted him, who wouldn’t want to play for the Heat?’’ Conley said of the defending champions. “That goes without saying. They have roster spots and a need (at center). But it’s too early to say about where he might play.’’

3 thoughts on “Greg Oden Wants To Make Comeback Interested in Miami Heat

  • Yeah ok…he wants to comeback and ride the bench to an NBA championship….it’ll be the only way he gets a ring before Kevin Durant….

  • It will be a good move if the Heat will sign Oden because they are in need of an efficient center so it wont be a risk because he could still play a valuable game and minutes for the Heat so Lets GO HEAT!!!

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