Hope Solo Conceived During a Conjugal Visit; Poppa Was a Rolling Stone


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Not sure what this has to do with soccer, but if you are coming out with a biography you need to have some interesting stories.

This is intriguing if anything.

Solo seems to be a free speaker, I like that about her, I won’t buy the book, but will read all the excerpts.  Larry Brown Sports breaks the Prison Break affair.

The US women’s soccer team goalie has published an autobiography entitled “Solo: A Memoir of Hope” that goes on sale August 14. Excerpts from the book were released by NBC Olympics on Monday, and they detail Solo’s rough upbringing.

Solo says her father was in and out of her life growing up. He had multiple families, fathered children with different women, and had them living in homes paid for by money he embezzled from a company where he worked. Solo described him as a con man and ladies man who “was unreliable at best and a criminal at worst.”

And get this: Solo says she was conceived during a conjugal visit while her father was serving a prison sentence in Washington.

Solo better watch out because according to her own stories about the Olympic Village she wouldn’t want her future son/daughter writing a book in 21 years about how they were conceived by Ryan Lochte.

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