Hope Solo in Her Feelings, Takes Twitter Shots at Brandi Chastain for Criticizing Her


I am not sure where the beef originated, all I know is that Hope Solo sounds like she needs some Orange Slices and a Capri Sun Chill.

Can’t have such thin skin.

They don’t pay announcers to kiss ass, they pay them to critique, so stop all your whining.

If someone is a bad defender, it should be said. Solo sounds stupid when she says Chastain doesn’t know the game. Chastain is a world champion and gold medalist. Solo sounds like a spoiled arrogant brat.


  1. You are not anybody writing this post, and calling Hope Solo stupid and a brat. If that is how she feels fine, but you do not have to call her names, bc even in her tweets she never called Brandi names.

  2. Hope is right. There sport is already suffering. And people with brandi’s credentials should choose her words wisely. If anything it’s taking a shot at the people who picked the team.

  3. If I remember correctly a few yrs ago when Hope was on top of the world she got upset about the other goalie getting to start over her and had an “I told you so” moment after they lost but when someone criticizes her she gets in her feelings if you dish it you gotta be able to take it.

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