James Harden Instagram He’s Been Traded to Hornets, After Reading Fake Twitter Account?

Here is the $100 million question and depending on the answer could make James Harden the dumbest player on the planet. This is a planet that includes Dwight Howard, so to be #1 is very difficult.

Is it possible that Harden saw this Tweet from a fake Yahoo Sports account and really thought he was traded?


Is that what caused him to take an Instagram pic saying so long to OKC?

I am going to pray that my original thought that Harden was just trolling is true (even though that would be very insensitive to Thunder fans), because the other thought would be one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

Don’t worry Thunder fans Harden isn’t going anywhere yet, but he might want to check the bios before he believes anything he sees on Twitter.

I don’t think Harden has fully recovered from the Peace’s Elbow.