Jason Kidd & His Wife Porschla Fought Before He Crashed His Car Into Telephone Pole

The #1 question as details of Jason Kidd’s DUI arrest started to come through was where was his wife?

We knew his wife was at the party with him while he was dancing on tables, but she wasn’t in the car with him when he wrapped the 6-4 around a telephone pole.

It looks like we might have an answer to that mystery.

Boozed-up Jason Kidd got into a “huge fight” with his wife Porschlaas she drove them home from nightclub SL East on Sunday morning because he wanted to keep partying, sources say, and she wanted to get home. When the couple arrived near their Water Mill house, Porschla headed in. But Kidd got behind the wheel of their SUV and sped off, sources add, crashing the 2010 Cadillac Escalade into a telephone pole. Cops said Kidd was so tanked, he didn’t even realize he’d been in a wreck when they arrived.

And on Sunday, law enforcement sources confirmed to The Post that there had been a “domestic argument” between Kidd and Porschla before the newest Knick’s dramatic crash — although they didn’t specify where or when the spat took place. Earlier, Kidd was seen at the club drunkenly jumping on a couch, requesting songs from the DJ, singing and also being approached by a string of beautiful women — whom his wife had to shoo away.

Sounds about right.

Many men have driven into telephone poles after getting into with their lady.  Just add Jason Kidd to the list.

I can not confirm or deny that Kidd got a call from this guy after he read about the fight.

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