Jason Kidd Was So Drunk He Told Cops He Didn’t Remember Hitting Telephone Pole


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The Jason Kidd story just keep getting better and better.

Not for Kidd, but for us. First, let me say that he is lucky he didn’t kill himself or someone else. All jokes aside he did a very dangerous and irresponsible thing getting behind a wheel of a car intoxicated.

He wasn’t just buzzed, he was MIX BOY WASTED.

New Knicks guard Jason Kidd was so hammered while driving down a Suffolk County lane that he didn’t know how his car got wrapped around a power pole, police said today.

“Defendant found in seat of vehicle and stated he was driver. Upon exiting vehicle defendant smelled heavily of an alcoholic beverage, very unsteady on his feet, bloodshot and watery eyes,” according to a report by Southampton Town police that emerged today.

“Defendant did not know what had happened in accident. Defendant arrested for 1192-3 transported to hospital for injuries. Released and brought to HQW for processing. Defendant refused in hospital to chemical test.”

Kidd was at the scene for roughly 45 minutes – when someone passed by, saw the accident and called cops, police chief William Wilson said.

When officers arrived, the future NBA Hall of Famer was still in the car.

Kidd hits a Telephone pole and just chills for 45 minutes until someone notices, then when the cops ask him what happened he doesn’t remember?
What in the blue hell did George Lucas put in his drink?


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