Jeneba Tarmoh Won’t Compete in Run Off Against Allyson Felix

This whole thing seemed fishy to me.

Tarmoh who isn’t as well known as Felix was declared the 3rd place finisher in the 100m and was on her way to London. Then hours later she is told it was a tie.

I get the feeling if it was Felix who was declared the original winner there wouldn’t have been a change. That is just the conspiracy theorist in me.

Tarmoh feels like she was slighted so she isn’t going to compete in Run Off that has been hyped all weekend.

Jeneba Tarmoh has conceded her spot in the 100 meters rather than race against training partner Allyson Felix.

Tarmoh notified USA Track and Field on Monday of her intention to withdraw. Her agent, Kimberly Holland, already made it known that Tarmoh would not participate in a runoff Monday night to break a third-place tie at the U.S. track trials.

In an email sent through her agent to USATF, Tarmoh said: “I understand that with this decision I am no longer running the 100m dash in the Olympic Games and will be an alternate for the event.”

She pulled a Jerry Seinfeld on them.