Jeremy Lin Says He Would Have Preferred to Stay in New York, But Knicks Dropped the Ball

If you are Jeremy Lin and you want to start in the NBA, but the team you want to play for says they are going to bring in other point guards and don’t offer you a contract what are you suppose to do?

He went out an explored his options which was within his right and found a team that was going to guarantee him a starting position and pay him a lot of money.

Don’t know how anyone can be upset with him about that.

“Honestly, I preferred New York,” Lin says. “But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me. I wanted to have fun playing basketball. … Now I’m definitely relieved…

“I love the New York fans to death,” Lin says. “That’s the biggest reason why I wanted to return to New York. The way they embraced me, the way they supported us this past season, was better than anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. I’ll go to my grave saying that. What New York did for me was unbelievable. I wanted to play in front of those fans for the rest of my career.”

In the interview Lin talks about how the Knicks said they wanted him back, they told him he would be a starter, but were honest that they would talk to other point guards as well. And he reminds everyone it was the Knicks that steered him to go out on the open market and see what contract he could find. The Knicks never offered him a deal, Lin signed the offer sheet from the Rockets in part because it was the only formal offer ever given him.

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  • I’m not buying this. If he wanted to stay in NY so bad, then why rework the initial contract offer that the Knicks vowed to match and make it a lot tougher and more expensive to do so?

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