Jeremy Lin Upset With the Knicks For Not Showing Him Enough Love

To be clear I never wish for any player to do badly. I don’t like seeing anyone fail even when I think they won’t live up to expectations, I hope they prove me wrong.

This goes for Jeremy Lin, frankly I don’t think he is worth the money he is getting. I think he will end up being a marginal player when it is all said in done.

So, I find it humorous that he is peeved at the Knicks for letting someone else set the market for his services, he should be happy that any team wanted to give him almost $30 million for a good month of work.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, Lin is upset that the Knicks didn’t offer him a new contract before the Houston Rockets came calling with a lucrative offer sheet.

Lin has verbally agreed to sign a four-year offer sheet with the Rockets. The deal reportedly is worth $28.8 million, with $10.2 million coming in the first two seasons and over $9 million in each of the last two.

Despite the Knicks insisting they would match the Rockets’ offer, Lin still feels slighted, according to the Daily News.

“He was surprised that the Knicks didn’t make the first move,” a league source told the paper. “They know they’ve got to mend some fences with him because he believes what the Rockets have told him, that the Knicks weren’t as interested as they are.

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    Lol why do u guys believe everything? No quotes from me = probably not true

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