Jerry Jones Says Hard Upbringing is a Reason to Support Dez Bryant

Any time someone says “this isn’t an excuse” they are making an excuse.

Here is what Jerry had to say.

“We take it very seriously,” Jones said. “We’re very supportive of Dez, his mother and his family. The issue is very serious, and I haven’t spoken directly to Dez. But I do take it very seriously. We do not have all of the facts, all of the important details that are involved here. There are still some to evolve, but we all know it’s no excuse. You guys are sitting there you didn’t exactly have the silver spoon in your mouth either when you started out. I didn’t either. But for a guy to have a hard road to (haul) and still have challenges is not an excuse, but it’s a fact.”

The majority of people aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth like Jerry said, but what Jones failed to point out is that some people like himself didn’t use that as an excuse for bad behavior.

You are responsible for yourself and your future, you can’t blame your upbringing for all of your failures as a person. At some point you have to look in the mirror and realize you are the problem not your past.