Jerry Jones “Too Pissed” To Talk To Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been running off at the mouth lately.

There was the “glory hole” comments from a few days ago.  I’ll allow my readers to interpret that.

Monday Jones made it very clear he wants to “beat the New York Giants Ass.

Today on SDFW 105.3 Jones told the host that he is “Too Pissed To Talk” to Dez Bryant.

Of course the owner was referring to the incident earlier this month in which Bryant was arrested for allegedly striking his own mother.

Even after his mother recanting her 911 call, the district attorney and authorities involved still will proceed with their case.

Jones as the owner would usually consult his player and maybe offer some advice.  Not at this moment he won’t.

“You certainly couldn’t have 53 players ultimately on your team that give the kind of consideration and time that you do to Dez,” Jerry said on Sunday, as he maintained his calm while defending himself against questions regarding him not having spoken to the player. “But you say, ‘Well, a No. 1 draft pick and an outstanding player, why not?’ I agree with that. Why not?”

The simplest-yet-snarkiest “why not”: You can’t score touchdowns from inside Lew Sterrett.

“I have seen … players that (required) a little heavier lifting than other players help you win championships,” Jones said on Sunday. “High maintenance. But I have been a part of that and have seen it work and not compromise the franchise, not compromise the NFL.’’

Jones said a few more thing during the short interview.

Cowboys players should be on notice.  Jones is itching to return to championship glory and is mouth off because he feels he has the team to back up his talk.

Anything less than a serious playoff run will have dire consequences in my opinion.