Justin Verlander Dating Kate Upton? Is there an Upton Curse?


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Even if Upton has cursed Justin Verlander who was lit up in the All Star Game it would be worth it right?

It would be to me at least.

Waynick first shared her story earlier today on WDZH-FM (98.7)’s “Buck and Coop Show,” a Detroit radio station, which posted a photo that Waynick said showed Verlander and Upton together, though the photo was taken from a distance, and the subjects are obscured.

According to various published stories online and a string of Twitter comments, Verlander and Upton were spotted around metro Detroit over the weekend, including at Thursday’s Aerosmith concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills, and even made an appearance at Birmingham hot spot South Bar.

Upton also tweeted that she was was at Friday’s Tigers game.

Not mad at you JV, but your girl is rocking a Yankees hat. Just saying no loyalty.


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