Juwan Howard Still Has the Itch to Play in NBA; May Not Retire

Not sure what “itch” Juwan is talking about considering he played about 5 minutes the entire season, but at least we know he has fresh legs for a 60 year old and is available for another towel waving season.

Howard said Friday that he is still deciding whether he wants to return for a 19th NBA season, although the direction he’s leaning might be indicated by his being the first player back in the Heat practice gym once the title celebrations had slowed down a bit.

I still have the itch,” Howard said while appearing at a Heat “Learn to Swim” event for children. “I still have the passion and the love for the game. More importantly, I still like staying in shape and I can’t sit on my behind. I’m still iffy as far as if I want to come back and play or not, but I’ll tell you one thing—once I decide, I want to be ready. So I am working out … ready for whatever happens.”