Kat Stacks Says She is Done Exposing Athletes; Wants Out of Jail to Teach Kids

If Superhead wrote the Bible for Groupies, Kat Stacks wrote the social media edition. The first groupie to use social media specifically Twitter to achieve a certain level of fame for doing nothing besides telling what goes on behind the scenes between entertainers and hoes.  The most high profile athlete she got into it with was Carmelo Anthony.

While others have followed in her footsteps to achieve Twodel success, Kat Stacks has been in jail after being used up by intelligent web site owners who used her to help springboard their sites and collected all the money.

She claims she has turned over a new leaf and want to use her powers for good now. Necole Bitchie has the interview.

On her deportation case
Well, I was going to the court for immigration and they had changed my court date to two days earlier without notifying me or my lawyer. So, they put that I didn’t show and put out a warrant for deportation [to Venezuela]. But once I told them that they didn’t notify me, they re-opened my case again. By the time they did that, I got apprehended at the airport in Nashville and they took me to the cell detention facility in Luciana. They didn’t give me a bond, so I had to fight my case there. The judge didn’t like my Kat Stacks persona. He didn’t like it at all. That’s the reason he told me that I’m not allowed to stay in the country, even though I showed him evidence of underage sex trafficking and domestic violence. That’s violating my freedom of speech and press rights. Now, I have to stay here and fight them back.

On Changing Her Twitter Handle
I decided to let the whole Kat Stacks name go, so when I’m outside, it’s not, “It’s Kat Stacks, b—h!” I wanted to come outside and be different. I left it at that @AdmireAndrea and I told the judge that I’m gonna let go of the Kat Stacks thing, but he didn’t listen.

On Being a Different – Then vs. Now
Well, back then, just like my psychologist said…I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder because of what happened in my childhood and that’s what started the whole Kat Stacks character. Now, that my head is right and I know better now, things have changed. I was young then. Everybody deserves a second chance and the government won’t give it to me. It’s not right. People will see a different side now. If they’re going to persecute me for being Kat Stacks then they should persecute rappers for their lyrics and what they do in the videos.

On What She Wants to Do With Her Life If She’s Able to Get Out of Jail
First of all, I want to finish my education. I have never finished the seventh grade. I want to get my GED. I want to get my record expunged, so I can work social work to help younger people who were in my shoes. I want to do that and go in a positive lane and leave all the rappers and drinking and going nuts alone. Just be better and show people that people can change.

I would assume this would be like a gang banger trying to warn kids about gangs, but I just don’t think anyone is going to listen to Kat Stacks.

The lesson to be learned here is if you achieve a level of fame even if it is hoish reasons, make sure your money is right, because you are easily replaceable.

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