Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony in US Olympic Team Berets (Photo)

There is one thing the 1992 Dream Team was desperately lacking that 2012’s ReDream Team totally owns them.

Hilarious Instagram Pictures.

Imagine Michael Jordan Tweeting out pictures of Christian Laettner sleeping on the team plane with his binky or Charles Barkley after one too many in Barcelona.

Thankfully, Kevin Love has the technology, and is not afraid to use it for our pleasure. Earlier today, his Instagram featured a picture of Team USA sleeping on the flight and now a picture that might be even more embarrassing, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony in Team USA Berets.

Even though they are trying, it is hard to look tough and mean when you are wearing a beret and a Polo Navy Blazer with gold buttons.

The 2008 were similar, but made them look a little less like Yacht owners.

It could be worse, Team Spain outsourced their Opening Ceremony outfits and were left with these abominations.

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