Kevin Love Tweets Great Picture of Team USA Basketball in Barcelona

Kevin Love tweeted the above picture from his instagram of Team USA taking a picture in Barcelona.

Really cool backdrop although I don’t get all the different mismatched poses, especially considering James Harden shouldn’t be the one with his arms spread open unless he is trying to make sure he doesn’t fade into the background like he did in the NBA Finals.

A couple of interesting things to note.

– Because of the perspective on the shot, Deron Williams looks like he is 3 feet tall.

– Anthony Davis is way in the back with some bushes behind him, and you can still see “The Brow”

– Andre Iguodala looks very very menacing.

– If you were to play “One of these is not like the other” and you guessed Kevin Love, you would be right.

– The dude in the white shirt in the background behind Russell Westbrook looks like he is taking a leak, I expect him to be photoshopped away.

– Kobe Bryant is sitting there like he owns the cathedral. He probably could too.