Keyshawn Johnson Teaching Santonio Holmes to be a Leader

My first reaction was….

My second reaction was that Santonio is getting leadership advice from someone who once described himself as THE SUN and a teammate as a FLASHLIGHT.  Let that sink in for a minute.

This isn’t going to end well.

Santonio Holmes received a mini-sermon on leadership Friday from Keyshawn Johnson, who once wrote a book entitled, “Just Give Me the Damn Ball.”

“It was a big brother-to-little brother talk,” Holmes said. “He was just teaching me to be cordial to everybody and to understand what gift I have to this football team and learning how to utilize it.”

“I love the guy,” he said of Ryan. “He brought me here to be a leader and to be a guy that’s going to play football and be aggressive for this football team. His jokes are his jokes. I don’t put anything past what Coach says, because it’s all fun and games with him.”

Last reaction……