Knicks Fan Start Petition to Keep Lin; Says He’s Best Thing to Happen to Knicks in 20 Years

I just want you to read the description from the online petition.

Jeremy Lin is the best thing that has happened to New York Knicks basketball in the last 20 years. With Jeremy Lin as the team’s leader, the team won. He averaged 18 points and 7 assists as a starter – All-Star level performance. He has the largest fan base of any player in the NBA, by an order of magnitude. He’s got the personality and character that fans love. He’s the one player the New York Knicks need to keep, not lose. Don’t let Jeremy Lin go – match the Rockets’ offer.

I don’t want to discredit Lin’s accomplishments, but saying he is the best thing that has happened to Knicks in the last 20 years is a bit of a stretch.

This is the same Knicks team that traded away half their squad for Carmelo Anthony. Do people really think Jeremy Lin is the type of basketball player who should be mentioned in same breath as Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Russell Westbrook? Averaging 18 and 7 in less than 30 games reason is reason to be up and arms about him leaving to go to Rockets?

He deserves whatever money a team wants to pay him, but this is turning into Tebow 2.0.

One thing that is being overlooked is Lin wants to go to Houston. When it became clear that the Knicks were going to match his offersheet he met with Rockets officials and they reworked the offersheet to make it harder for the Knicks to match.

He doesn’t want to be in New York, maybe fans should have thought about that before starting the petition.