Knicks Fans Concerned About Raymond Felton’s Fluctuating Weight (Video)

We had mystery on our hands gang, but we didn’t need Marshawn Lynch’s mystery machine to solve it.

The above picture of Husky Raymond Felton was originally thought to be a recent pic which caused Knicks fans to go into panic mode.

Considering recently they have seen their backup point guard wrap the 6-4 around a telephone pole and their marketing giant of a starting point guard take his talents to Yaoville, you can only imagine how uneasy they felt seeing Raymond looking like he had been working out at Popeyes.


Come to find out that pic was from a summer camp about a month ago.

This is a more current pic of Mr. Felton.

The mystery was solved by @jose3030, so Knicks fans can rest easy until the next 3 piece special is available for Raymond.