Knicks Fans Get Real Ugly With Racial Slurs on Jeremy Lin’s Facebook Page


Real easy to talk tough over the Internet, we see it time and time again.

But, I remind you that Jeremy Lin was a restricted free agent meaning he could sign an offer sheet wherever he wanted and it was the Knicks who had to decide if they wanted to keep him or not.

They chose not to, so it isn’t Lin’s fault for exercising his right to get the most money he could with a team he wanted to go to.  Nothing worse than fans who love you one day and calling your slurs the next day for making the best decision for you and your family.

Knicks fans need to have a capri sun and chill.


  1. Out of the 13 posts, I counted only 3 that contained racist language. That amounts to approximately 24% which is not an outrageous percentage considering that you’ll always have a few jackasses on the web….

    • You’re right, if it was a black guy and just 24% of the comments had N!##$% in it it would be no big deal.

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