Kobe Approves The Lakers Changing to the “Princeton Offense”

When Kobe wasn’t taking his shirt off like LL COOL J to the ladies, he was approving a new offense for the Lakers. I think Mike Brown is a good coach, but not the best offensive mind, so change was needed. especially with Steve Nash in the fold.

The Princeton Offense if you are discipline can be very beneficial to all players on the Lakers and take some of the pressure of having Kobe bail out the Lakers when the offense breaks down.

Kobe Bryant has been searching for spacing and freedom and flow on offense, for a way to counter defenses bent on sagging and suffocating him on the floor. Even before the Los Angeles Lakers delivered him point guard Steve Nash, Bryant had raised an idea with coach Mike Brown about the possibility of employing a distant cousin to the triangle – the Princeton offense.

“It’s a great offense,” Bryant told Yahoo! Sports. “It’s exactly what we need. It takes us back to being able to play by making reads and reacting to defenses. It takes a great deal of communication, but that’s where we’re at our best: Reading and reacting as opposed to just coming down and calling sets. Calling sets make you vulnerable.

“There’s so many threats, so many options, it’s very tough to defend. Against the type of defenses that teams play nowadays, they load up on one side and are constantly coming with help from the weak side. The Princeton offense makes it very, very tough to lock in on one particular player.

“From my experience, those types of principles – ball movement, changing sides on the floor, everybody being involved – those are championship principles. That’s championship DNA.”

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