Kobe Bryant Says President Obama’s PDA Isn’t For Everyone


Have we ever seen Kobe make this many headlines, outside of basketball and well.. yeah the rape allegations? I can’t recall. Kobe has been a chatty cathy this past month.

From bossip.com Kobe said PDA isn’t for him:

“PDA is not for everybody, you know what I mean,” Bryant said.

But of course, he would add a little positivity in his statement:

“But he makes the important decisions, so it’s all good.”

Maybe Kobe Bryant was in his feelings from President Obama stating that the 1992 USA Basketball Dream Team would have never trailed in a game like the 2012 Team did against Brazil.

But of course Lebron James was excited to see the President in the stands and honored.

“It’s overwhelming,” James said. “For me, for all of us, to be in a position to have the president watch you play the game that we love to play, you have dreams about being in the NBA, you have dreams about making game-winning jumpers. You never have dreams about having a president watch you play because you don’t think it’s possible. It’s humbling to see him here, to see the First Lady here, to have his kids here to watch us play. It’s amazing.”

Sigh, Kobe, what’s going on with him this month? At least Lebron was more media and President friendly.

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