Kris Humphries Complicating Possible Dwight Howard Trade to the Nets

THE HUMP has a lot of things going on right now.

Nasty divorce to Kim Kardashian, Kanye dissing him on songs, Ex Girlfriend’s claiming he is the father of her child and then the actual basketball situation that is going on.

The Hump is a free agent and can go wherever he wants, but the Nets are trying to use him as bait in a sign and trade to get Dwight Howard. The Cavs are interested, but not in a long-term deal.

The Hump is probably tired of being used by everyone, so he is throwing a wrench in the deal which frankly he has a right to do, since he is under no obligation to help the Nets.

The proposed Dwight Howard trade could balloon up to 14 players and 4 teams.

I wouldn’t expect anything to go down anytime soon.

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