Lakers to Decide Quickly on Dwight Howard Trade or Signing Andrew Bynum Long Term


Can’t have this dangling out there forever.

The problem is no one wants to sign an extension not Bynum or Howard. Makes sense because it is always better to have options when your contract is up.  Dwight has learned that the hard way.

The worst scenario for both the Magic and Lakers is they get guys for one year and they walk, so they are doing their due diligence.

We told you that was happening and Dave McMenamin of confirmed it. We also told you that they can talk all they want but unless Andrew Bynum agrees to commit to staying in Orlando long term — remember he is a free agent next summer as well — the Magic aren’t going to do it. So far Bynum has not (and Howard has not committed to staying in Los Angeles).

And if that falls through, the Lakers will quickly turn their attention to getting Andrew Bynum to sign long-term with the team, reports.

Bynum and his agent, David Lee, are scheduled to return from an Alaskan fishing vacation Wednesday. Lakers officials are set to meet Wednesday to discuss their negotiating strategy with Bynum before reaching out to his representative but are well aware that there will not be much wiggle room once the negotiations begin; Bynum will expect a max contract extension.


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