Lakers Willing to Trade for Dwight Howard With No Assurances on Long Term Extension

The Magic want to trade Dwight Howard to the Lakers not the Nets. They have even sent an offer over the Lakers that we reported on last night.

Dwight has said that he won’t sign a long term extension with any team besides the Nets.

According to that isn’t a problem for the Lakers any more.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports
“I think with Nash in the house now, they wouldn’t need an assurance up front,” one league executive tied closely to the Howard trade talks told Yahoo! Sports. “They know that Dwight can be impressionable and craves Hollywood. I think they would take that chance.”
Via Eric Pincus, HOOPSWORLD
Sources close to the Lakers say they are not bothered by Howard’s reluctance to commit long-term to the team.  They understand that Howard stands to make significantly more money as a free agent after this season, signing a five-year deal vs. adding on just three years to his current contract. LA is confident that once in Los Angeles, and in possession of his Bird Rights, Howard would ultimately re-sign with the team.

The Lakers don’t believe in rebuilding, they have a championship expectation every year.

Simply put Nash, Kobe, Pau, some guy and Dwight have a better chance to win a championship this year than Nash, Kobe, Pau, some guy and Bynum.

It is a no brainer that they make the trade, before the Magic change their mind.

4 thoughts on “Lakers Willing to Trade for Dwight Howard With No Assurances on Long Term Extension

  • According to other sources, the Lakers were having concerns about the overall current health of Dwight Howard and that they were not willing to part with Andrew Bynum and/or Pau Gasol in a deal for Howard.

    Now I honestly dont know which to believe, and frankly I think Dwight is the very least gonna start the season with the Orlando Magic for now and until the Lakers can overwhelm the Magic again, or the Nets can get a 3rd team, or Dallas finally get pieces or….

    you see what I mean here??

    I dont think the Lakers would be that foolish in making a deal without a commitment from Dwight, since he wants to play for a contender in a big market but more than likely (hence why Brooklyn is his preferred destination) a younger backcourt.

    Kobe is still the best in the game, and Nash is still a floor general that makes everyone better, but the Lakers aren’t blind nor are they stupid… Dwight wants to go to Brooklyn and should he make it to Free Agnecy then would be the time the Lakers make a true run at Dwight. Its too much of a risk, if the Lakers don’t win the west let alone the NBA title.

  • Even if he doesn’t re-sign with the Lakers, they would have a ton of free cap space. I think Orlando should do the same. Play the year out and let him walk as opposed to getting 2-3 players (bad contracts) in return.

    It’s a buyer’s market when it comes to the Dwight and Orlando situation. You can trade him for a Taco Supreme and medium Coke.

  • Im a life long Laker fan. Me & mostly all other Laker fans I knopw have no problem keeping Bynum. Why is it that Laker hating media keeps trying to push Dwight smiley face Howard off on us????

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