Larry Brown Says Jeremy Lin is a “Terrific Backup Point Guard”

Lin is about to get almost $30 million to be a “terrific backup point guard” according to Larry Brown.

Larry Brown, the former coach of the Knicks and now with SMU, visited The Mike Lupica Show Thursday and talked about the Knicks keeping their hands in their pockets.

“I think the kid was the great. The system helped him be really great,” Brown said of Lin. “It’s a wonderful story. But I look at him as a terrific backup in the NBA. I may be wrong, I really want him to be successful but I think if you overpay him for the interest that he created that’s not the best thing.

In an honest moment I think everyone would agree that 75% of the money Lin is getting has more to do with marketing than his play on the basketball court.

He had a good month and honestly he had one spectacular week against some high-profile teams.  I think the same thing as Larry Brown, it isn’t anything personally against Lin I hope he proves people wrong and become a star in the league, but I just don’t see it.  I see a good player, but not an elite point guard.

3 thoughts on “Larry Brown Says Jeremy Lin is a “Terrific Backup Point Guard”

  • Houston Rocket owner reportedly invested US$100 million in setting up a car distribution network with Brilliance Auto a Chinese car company to sell Chinese made cars in the US. None was sold. I hope he does not make a bad investment. If a player sits on the bench he will be forgotten in a hurry.

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