Lebron James Speaks on Dan Gilbert’s Comic Sans Letter to Oprah (Video)

Ring Protection is a beautiful thing.

Besides getting the monkey off your back of being an elite player without a championship, it changes your image almost instantly.   Even the harshest critics are force to grasp at straws to be critical of you.

Fans who behind closed doors that hated your guts are now breaking their ankles trying to hop on your bandwagon.

This is what is happening to Lebron James now and even though Lebron could be very arrogant about the situation, he is handling things like a professional.

For the most part, that is all Lebron has been throughout his career.  He has had some PR missteps here and there, but nothing to warrant the type of venom he has received from fans and media.

Perfect example of his professionalism is his answer to Dan Gilbert’s letter.

Thanks to Cosby Sweaters for the video.

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