Los Angeles Clippers’ Trey Thompkins “Lends” Number 33 to New Teammate Grant Hill

When superstar have their career derailed by injuries they tend to fade into the sunset or fail to adapt to a new role. Grant Hill is one of the rare exceptions and it is one of the reasons there is still a market for his game. That is why it is nice to see a young player on his new team, first year player Trey Thompikins, show deference to a guy 17 years his senior.

It is not uncommon for guys to buy their number on their new team, and I dont know if Hill slipped him a signed 8×10 of Tamia to make the switch, but its nice that Hill would acknowledge the switch as a loan. Considering all the debate about old guys vs new guys, its nice to see a rookie respect the game and the guys who played it before him.

Both guys will have to update their twitter.com backgrounds. Thompkins will be wearing #9 after asking his followers to help him decide.