LSU Media Guide Bio Says Tyrann Mathieu Has Most Twitter Followers in College Football

While a lot of college football programs encourage their players to stay off social media and some have banned it altogether, LSU seems to not have a problem with it. They actually encourage it.

The following is from the 2012 LSU Football Media Guide

Its funny that most of the other “Personal” section list the players’ major and he lists that he is the most followed college football player today.

It is interesting that they would promote his online presence considering he reportedly sent a lady friend pictures of his “Honey Badger” (You can see the NSFW Pics Here if you are really intrigued) and also recently went on a Twitter rant on all his critics in the media.

While he is a fantastic college football player, there are several red flags here a full year before he is going to be drafted.

– 5’9″ Defensive Back
– “Honey Badger” Dong Shots
– Twitter Rant on his own greatness
– And of course, the decision to wear a metallic suit on a day you could possibly be immortalized as one of the greatest College Football players ever.

[h/t @pbpjasonlieser]