Magic, Lakers & Rockets Discuss Trade that Sends Dwight to LA and Bynum to Houston

I am so confused.

Every 30 minutes a new trade comes in that is even more complicated than the one before it.

This one though would be the most interesting one of them all.

HOOPSWORLD has learned that there has been preliminary discussions between the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets that would involve sending Andrew Bynum to the Rockets and Howard to the Lakers.

The Magic are not necessarily in love with the idea of giving either Bynum or Lopez a sizable, long-term commitment as they go through a major roster overhaul. Draft picks and prospects, a la the Denver Nuggets’ return on Carmelo Anthony, is said to be more appealing to Orlando.

The Rockets have no assurance from Howard that he’d re-sign there and while they might be willing to take that risk, Bynum has privately expressed a willingness to be in Houston long-term.

The Magic need to make up their mind. It appears they have no idea what they want and that is what is holding up any potential trade.  If they want picks, cap space and young players then working with the Rockets seems to be their best options.

I understand being patient, but this is borderline ridiculous at this point.

One thought on “Magic, Lakers & Rockets Discuss Trade that Sends Dwight to LA and Bynum to Houston

  • Not knowing fully what’s going on behind closed doors, it seems this was a match made in immature and unprepared heaven. This couldn’t be a bigger fustercluck.

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