Magic Want Andrew Bynum…Lakers Confident They Could Sign Dwight Howard Long Term

This has always been the trade that makes the most sense for the Magic, Lakers, Howard and Bynum. The only problem is that Dwight Howard is a moron and doesn’t see why LA is a much more desirable location that Brooklyn, Houston, Dallas, Golden State and etc.

If he smartens up, he will see that this would be best move for him.

As the Orlando Magic work to unload superstar Dwight Howard, management is becoming increasingly focused on a potential trade package centered on Los Angeles Lakers All-Star center Andrew Bynum, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

However positively the Magic feel about Bynum, they still need the Lakers to take back one of their expensive veteran contracts – Hedo Turkoglu or Jason Richardson – as part of any proposed trade. With Bynum, Orlando could use cap space to quickly retool its roster around him and become an Eastern Conference.

the Lakers believe that once they bring Howard into their winning culture, the Hollywood celebrity scene and tradition of great centers, that there’s no team elsewhere offering salary-cap space to sign him in 2013 that could get Howard to leave for less money than they could offer with him with his Bird Rights. The Lakers have wanted to know that Howard would sign an extension should they trade for him, but with the Nets’ salary cap space gobbled up, the chances of Howard agreeing to a deal will likely increase dramatically.

Dwight Howard is intimidated by Kobe Bryant, but he has to see the bigger picture. If uses his brain for once he would see he could be the king of Cali, but using his brain doesn’t seem to be high on his priority list.