Man Trying to Sell Alleged Nude Photos of Colts Owner Jim Irsay


Everyone wants to cash out with a condo around their neck and one way to try to achieves this besides going on Basketball Wives are to sell naked pictures to websites of high profile athletes and entertainers.

Here is a little secret if you are in this line of business, most sites will never pay a dollar.

The reason is simple, there is no reason to pay for something that will leak eventually for free. So it is humorous at this guy’s attempt to make a quick buck from

Looks more like a dead man than Jim Irsay, but I digress.

When the guys at Busted Coverage balked at their offer they moved on to The Big Lead.

This is the society that will live in now. Where people will either make up things for their 15 minutes of fame or when the opportunity comes to expose someone they do it without any care in the world.

Luckily for Irsay no wants to see him naked, so I doubt the young man gets more than $25 offer.


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