Mavs Chris Kaman Shows You The Automatic Weapons He’s Bringing to Dallas (Photo)


Is it too much to ask for an athlete to use their brain from time to time.

Chris Kaman is within his legal rights to have all these weapons, but he has to know a movie theater was shot up by a guy who liked to pose just like that

Use some common sense, people are losing their lives over crazy people who can legally get this type of heavy artillery and while that doesn’t mean Kaman can’t Tweet his legal weapons, you would think he would understand how it would bother people who were affected by the tragedy.

Sometimes you have to think before you hit send.

In this case Kaman would have been better off just keeping this to himself.


  1. I just don’t get it. What reasons do people have to be so paranoid, fearful, and insecure that they would need guns like these?

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