Michael Vick Launches Clothing Line “V7”

Much better than starting a rap label or a dog fighting enterprise.

Always good to start planning for a post football career and making as much secondary income as you can while you are still playing to make sure you don’t end up on Dr. Phil like T.O.

The sporty menswear collection called V7, which Vick will introduce Wednesday morning at the Cottman Avenue Modell’s, features two styles of shorts: loose, knee-length and the tight, compression kind. There are compression tops, too, and six graphic T’s that blast inspirational, Nike-style quotes: “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.” (A motto for his career?) And along the legs of some of the shorts is written “Vicktory.” Colors are red, black, gray, blue — no Eagles green.

“V7 has been a dream of mine since I began playing sports,” Vick said in a text message. “I think every kid dreams of having his own shoe or clothing line.”

Vick designed V7 with the help of celebrity clothing-line mogul Ruby Azrak, best known in the fashion industry for his work with Russell Simmons’ Phat Farm gear. He also collaborated with his longtime business partner Brian Sher.