Mike Vick Stands By His “Dynasty” Talk, Andy Reid Backs Him

According to a few of my friends the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Contenders… apparently Mike Vick and Andy Reid not only thinks that but they are “building a dynasty”. Since opening that statement, Vick was asked to clarify those statements even further.

“That’s just me speaking in confidence, and if you ask my teammates, they’d tell you the same thing,” Vick said. “That’s totally different than the ‘Dream Team’ comment. This is what we can build if we have the right mindset.”

Reid added his two cents in:

“You know the two different players there (Vince Young and Mike Vick),” Reid said. “That was a new player coming into town here, it was a different situation and did it without any communication into that or know-how into that. I’m not worried about that.”

Logically, the Philadelphia Eagles have been 18-14 since Vick has started and only made one playoff appearance, but they building a dynasty?

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