Nets Joe Johnson Says His Baby Mama Shannon Beckton Should Pay Him Child Support


There are a couple of ways to look at this.

You have to give Johnson credit for being proactive in trying to get joint custody of his child (allegedly his child), but he did sign a $126 million contract, so I don’t know what type of support he would need from the mother.

But, you never know maybe he is turning the tables on women who take advantage of child support system for their own personal gain.

The All-Star guard filed paternity paperwork earlier this week in Georgia to legally establish himself as the father of his alleged 5-year old son, whose mother is named Shannon Beckton.

In the docs, Johnson says he still wants to test for DNA (just in case) … but if he is the father, he is asking the judge for joint physical and legal custody, for his son to be able to inherit from him, and for his son to take on his last name.

Not only that — Johnson says Beckton should be held responsible for some of the financial support of the child as well … so the burden doesn’t rest solely on his multi-million dollar shoulders.

If it isn’t Joe Johnson’s kid I think she should have to give back all the money he has given her over the past five years.


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