Nets Trying to Find 3rd Team To Facilitate Dwight Howard Trade from Magic

Dwight will be traded, but to who?

The Magic would prefer the Lakers, but the Nets are trying hard to bring Dwight and his bi-polar personality to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn and Orlando have discussed a deal that would swap Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks and multiple first-round draft picks for Howard and one or two of the Magic’s ugly contracts. A third team would take on Kris Humphries, who Orlando hasn’t expressed interest in acquiring. This would require several players to be signed-and-traded, which adds another hurdle to the already complicated talks.

The Magic owes Dwight no favors, they should take the best deal for the franchise, not the best deal for Dwight. If they are one in the same that is great, if not they shouldn’t be loyal to a player who hasn’t been loyal to them.

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