Pilar Sanders Says Her Divorce is Filled With Abuse, Lies, and Part-Time Parenting


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Things have been relatively quiet on the Deion & Pilar Sanders divorce front.  Prime has moved on with another woman and Pilar seems to have moved forward with her acting and modeling career.

While the child support and custody has been all worked out the divorce is still not final.  They are still technically married even though they aren’t together.

Pilar spoke to Hello Beautiful about how everything got this point and what things are looking like for the future.

It seems that when you do a search online about Pilar Sanders, nothing but negative news items appear, what can and/or are you willing to do to make people see you in a positive light?

Negative, only because now of the divorce and everything surrounding it. Most divorces aren’t happy occasions. Neither is mine. My divorce just happens to be with an ex pro baller (football and baseball) and is filled with abuse, lies, and part-time parenting. All I can do is be me. I’ve been honest, tried to be private and always been a good mother (putting my children first). Anything negative about me came from lies and or from those who don’t know me. But I can’t worry about that, all I can do is live my life the best way I can. I cannot worry about things that I can’t change or have no control over. Everyone is going to have an opinion whether it’s based on truth or lies, regardless, that’s life. My truth is my life whether it is accepted or not.

If you never married Deion, what would you be doing?

Acting! I was a Ford model and an actress before and when I met Deion. I was standing well on my own 2 feet. I moved to LA and was making a pretty good name for myself when I met him. In addition to me being an actress, I’m sure I would be much further along than I am now in building my career and life around a business in Health, Fitness & Beauty.

You say that you were abused by Deion, if he wasn’t a successful athlete, would you have allowed him to get away with what he did get away with?

First and foremost, his status in the media never dictated to me on how he has or should have treated me. I loved Deion for who he was, not for WHAT he was. And when you’re in a situation you can’t see the forest for the trees – as they say. I didn’t realize it was abuse until going through this divorce. In the very beginning another woman who had a very similar experience opened my eyes and labeled it. I knew Deion was a very difficult and rude person at times, but I saw him treat everybody close to him like that. So I simply thought it was his personality. Sometimes he was very mean sometimes he was kind. His moods would drastically change if the wind blew a certain way. There was never any rhyme or reason with his mood swings, so after years of seeing and experiencing this type of behavior I just accepted it as him being him. So, I began to ignore it. When it became physical I had no choice but to defend myself and my children. I loved him and believed him EVERY single time he said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. I loved Deion and loved our family. Yes common sense tells you it’s abuse, but common sense isn’t always turned on, especially when you’ve been it in so long. I was in it for 13 and a half years, married and a few years before that.

Deion’s version is of course a lot different from Pilar’s accounts.

Truth probably somewhere in the middle, hopefully for their kids sakes everything works out amicably .

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