Police Can’t Find Anyone Who Knows Who Stabbed 49ers Aldon Smith at a House Party

The only thing that was missing from this House Party was Kid n Play and no one knows who shot two people and stabbed Aldon Smith?

It appears the NO SNITCHING rule extends to the West Coast.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that detectives in Santa Clara County hope to speak to anyone who witnessed any of incidents from the soiree gone haywire.

Per Barrows, the authorities who responded to the incident had no luck.  Despite the presence of so many people at the remote home that Santa Clara County deputies obtained backup from San Jose police and the California Highway Patrol, none gave any information about what happened.

Smith himself isn’t talking besides a Tweet saying he appreciates everyone support.

Details are a little shaky on what exactly happened and if no one is talking a violent criminal or criminals will still be free.