Police Say That Dez Bryant Used His “Hands” to Rough Up His Mother

Details are slowing coming in on exactly what happened for Dez Bryant to be charged with domestic violence. We still don’t know what caused the incident, but we do know that it involved a female who accused Bryant of becoming physical with her to the point she felt the need to call the police.

Bryant turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to police officials with the DeSoto Police department. The arrest stems from a Saturday incident at an apartment in the 800 block of E. Pleasant Run, police authorities said.

Police officials say they were called to the apartment by a female relative of Bryant’s. They say she suffered bruises to her upper arm, where Bryant got rough with her using his hands. She has not been named.

Without knowing the context of what caused Bryant to put his hands on the young woman, it is hard to speculate to the severity of the crime.

But, one of the first rules they teach you as a man is not to put your hands on women unless your life is in danger, because as soon as you do regardless of situation you are going to be the one in cuffs.

Bryant learned that lesson the hard way today.

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