Rams Rookie Janoris Jenkins Has 4 Kids with 3 Women & Already Having Financial Problems

Janoris Jenkins is a talented player.

Should have been a Top 10 draft pick, but because of weed, run ins with the law and women problems he fell to the Rams in the 2nd round.

The hope was he would get it together, but he is already having financial difficulties and the Rams might be to blame.

That’s the word from Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole, who reports that Jenkins and the team are in dispute about who will be Jenkins’ financial advisor. The kicker: what the Rams are asking goes against the CBA.

Writes Cole: “Rams coach Jeff Fisher, according to four sources familiar with the situation, wants Lou Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group to advise Jenkins. The second-round pick, projected by some evaluators as a top 10 talent, has signed at least one set of documents with Taylor’s company, a copy of which has been obtained by Yahoo! Sports, although Taylor strongly denied last week that she is working with Jenkins.

“’I do not work for Janoris Jenkins,'” said Taylor

As Cole reports, Fisher made Jenkins’ agent, Malik Shareef, promise that Jenkins would hire somebody to watch over his finances, particularly since Jenkins has at least four children with three women and owes money in child support. The problem is that kind of pre-draft condition is not allowed in the CBA. The two sides have not agreed on a contract.

Jenkins apparently already had a financial advisor, but if Jenkins has to use Taylor, it could cost him as much as $120,000 over four years. For that, Taylor’s group’s duties “would include managing the child-support payments and placing him on a budget.”

Wait, why is Fisher recommending Taylor specifically? “Taylor has worked with many high-profile clients, including Fisher …” Cole writes.

I get the Rams want to help Jenkins, but it looks like they have went overboard and possibly has violated the CBA.

The thing about financial advisers are they get paid regardless if they advise you well or not. Jenkins needs to sit down with someone he trusts and make the proper decisions with his money.

At some point you have to grow up and not have someone hold your hand throughout your life.

Don’t be like Vince Young in 5 years wondering what happened to your millions. It is your money, be responsible with it and own up to your responsibilities.