Rapper Hazel-E Trying to Get Famous Off Having Sex With James Harden’s Beard


Never heard of this woman until today, but apparently according to Jocks and Stiletto Jill she is failed rapper who is trying to generate some buzz by telling everyone who she slept with in the industry.

Classic attention whoring.

I guess it is working since I am now aware of who she is. She casually threw out James Harden name as one of her victims.

She also messed with Trina’s boo, OKC baller James Harden. In a flirty way, she said “He goes hard” in the bedroom and added that James “Got down to work.”

If only he did work in the Finals, OKC might have their ring……..


  1. Yes being a groupie/ho will get her her 15 minutes…..maybe she can make a sex tape and get even more attention…thats good for another 15….

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