Raw 1000: A Look Back


As a kid growing up in the 90’s, Monday Night Raw was a staple of my childhood and it slowly became a guilty pleasure as I grew up and it was “not cool” to watch wrestling. Well over the past few years, Wrestling is starting to become “cool to watch” again and it comes at the perfect time as wrestling junkies (male and female) get to celebrate the 1000th episode of possibly the best soap opera (without actually being a soap opera) ever. WWE Monday Night Raw. What was the Good, the Bad and the things that made you go WTF on this special night for the WWE.



DX Reunion-Although brief, it was good to see the “Band” back together. Even X-Pac who had been going through so issues. Them kicking Damien Sandow’s butt was vintage DX and great to see. Even if it just was for one night.

WWE Legends Return (Dude Love, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Slick)-Dude Love with Brodus Clay, Hilarious. Slick being the minister at the AJ and Daniel Bryan wedding was funny based on the surprised look he had when it was announced AJ would be the new GM of Raw.


Trish Stratus-If you grew up in the Attitude Era, you know Trish Stratus introduced all of us men 21-25 into puberty, she shows up tonight to give us a reminder of how hot she still is.


The Rock-Nobody does a promo for an event like The Rock and tonight he did more to promote a title match with (most likely) CM Punk at the Royal Rumble than he and Cena did for their showdown at Wrestlemania. Also, the peoples champ is still the funniest guy in the WWE, just ask Daniel Bryan.


Daniel Bryan Meltdown-Speaking of Daniel Bryan, it might have been a little over the top but he did a great job selling the rejection and shock of AJ dumping him and then becoming the new Raw GM. Something we all kinda felt as we watched her skip around the ring like the crazy person she is.


Bret Hart Appearance-It’s been well documented that Bret had issues with WWE, still it’s great to see him back in the business, even it’s for quick segment.


Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman-These two are such underrated figures when it comes to their craft it’s amazing. Heyman is the ultimate bad guy in Wrestling and he plays the role so well that you just have to give him his due instead of spitting venom at him. Stephanie makes a very rare appearance as she came to he husband’s aid. One of the highlights of the night was watching Heyman get beat down by Stephanie and watching Triple H just sit back and admire his wife’s work.



Heath Slater Vs. APA, Lita and other Legends-Heath Slater deserves a ton of credit. He went through a string of getting his ass kicked by Doink the Clown to Psycho Sid to Bob Backlund and yet he still played his one man band routine to a solid heel status. Tonight was most likely the coup de gras as Raw fan favorites Lita and the APA came back lay one more legendary beat down on Mr. Slater. Anytime you can hear Ron Simmons scream Damn! In anybody’s face. You’ve won the night.


The Undertaker-Even though you saw this coming (Kane outnumbered against 6 guys he could have probably beat on his own) The Undertaker still has that presence of any current/former superstar in which no matter the show Raw, Smackdown or even Superstars you know you get chills and expect a phenomenal performance.

Punk turns Heel-Something we all thought would happen at a Pay Per View event happened right before our eyes on Raw. Right when CM Punk was the baby face and a match between he and Cena was like watching Kobe and LeBron play and you really couldn’t pick one “bad guy”, Punk decides to help promote his upcoming showdown with The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Like it or not, CM Punk as a heel makes the WWE 10x’s better.



Jim Ross on too early-For all the Good Ol’ JR did for the WWE and for Raw, I thought it sucked that he was on for one match and it was a weak one at that. Ross deserved the main event. Not Michael Cole.


Charlie Sheen there for no reason-Charlie Sheen is a big name that people pay attention to but you could tell his lines were fed to him. I don’t think he was on drugs but I also don’t think he’s actually paid attention to wrestling, it’s like watching a celeb at a Lakers game. They look like they are paying attention but once you ask them it’s a different story.


Jack Swagger now a joke?-Kinda feel bad for Swagger. All the talent in the world and he’s now reduced to fighting Brodus Clay, it’s not a bad thing but if there is no real rivalry you’d think he’s on his way out of the door. Swagger didn’t deserve to be treated like this on Raw 1000


AJ Becoming Raw GM-Still don’t get it, is AJ cute? Yeah. I understand they wanna capitalize off her hot success in various story lines but this? On Raw 1000?!?! Come on WWE, you can do better.


Brock Lesnar still struggling for some reason-Well, this has been happening frequently. I just hope he can turn it around at Summer Slam or this storyline will be wasted and Lesnar will be back at UFC way ahead of schedule.




Mae Young and the grown up hand-You remember Mae Young giving birth to that slime covered hand right? Well, the hand grew up. Read that over again to be just as confused as me.


AJ Becoming Raw GM-This actually happened. I know. I’m just as lost as you are.


One thought on “Raw 1000: A Look Back

  • I like AJ as GM because let’s face it, who saw [that] coming? She’s not Mickie James psycho [remember that whole deal with her and Trish Stratus?] but I think they’re gonna give her enough time to approach that level.

    I loved Steph beating up on Paul Heyman – it’s nice to see her back in the thick of things. Besides, we all know Trips didn’t marry a shrinking violet by any stretch.

    I coulda done without the Mae Young segment. But to see Ron Simmons stand in the middle of the ring and go ‘DAMN!’? That was WELL worth it.

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