Cowboys Dez Bryant Arrested for Family Violence

No one know what he has been charged with but Channel 8 in Dallas is reporting he was arrested in Desot0.  Dez Bryant has been talking lately about being a changed man and taking more of a leadership role on the Cowboys.

He also talked about maturing and being a more dedicated player.

Depending on what the charges are this would let everyone know it was just talk with no substance.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was arrested by DeSoto police on Monday, News 8 has learned.

The nature of the charge Bryant is facing was not immediately clear.

When contacted by News 8, Bryant would only say there had been an incident, but did not go into detail about it.

“I’m good, I’m good,” he said.

The charge was for family violence.

According to KDFW-TV in Dallas, police responded to a family violence call in DeSoto on Saturday night. Bryant was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for assaulting a female family member, police told the station. The woman did not need to be taken to the hospital for her injuries, the report said.

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