Report: Knicks Won’t Match Jeremy Lin’s Offer Sheet, He Will Become a Rocket


A guess it didn’t take a BILLION dollars for the Knicks not to match, just $15 million in year 3 of a poison pill contract.

In the end I think the Knicks will be better off and Lin would be better off. The Knicks players were subtly saying they didn’t want Lin back and Lin was subtly saying he wanted to be in Houston, so it will work out best for everyone in the long run.

LIN GONE!!!!!!!!!!

The Knicks plan to cut ties with Jeremy Lin on Tuesday night, according to a person briefed on the decision, ending a brief, spectacular and now bittersweet love affair between the 23-year-old point guard and his adoring fan base. Lin will play next season for the Houston Rockets, who signed him to a three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet that the Knicks have elected not to match.


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