Report: Magic Suspending Trade Talks For Dwight Howard Until They Find a Head Coach


I assume that was the face Dwight made after finding out that Brook Lopez signed a max deal with the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets and Dwight had some sort of backdoor dealings going on, but in the end it was the Nets that walked away from the altar.

Now, Dwight is stuck in limbo and the Magic are in no hurry to get rid of him.

The Magic have told Dwight Howard that they have suspended trade talks right now, reports Jarrod Rudolph of Real GM, who is well connected in Orlando.

Sources: Orlando Magic have informed Dwight Howard that they are suspending trade talks in favor of finding next head coach.

Multiple sources now confirm this. However, Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said that was “not accurate.” However he did say in a press conference in regards to conversations with the Nets:

“As currently constructed, there’s not much there.”

What Hennigan is really saying is there isn’t much there the Magic want.

They have to get rid of Dwight at some point, but it would not shock me if he starts the season on the roster. Which would be must see TV every time the Magic played.


  1. Yo Dwiddy! You should have never ever ever signed that 2 year extension. You COULD have been a free agent and you COULD have freely signed a max deal with WHOEVER you wanted.

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